Fashion Farm is an independent fashion label as well as an online exhibition gallery. It is a small company started by bunch of friends in order to fulfill the entrepreneurial hunger. Our goal is to provide best accessories under one roof. We are doing this because we love what we do and this is who we are.


Our Team

Pushpak Roy

The guy who made Fashion Farm possible. Pushpak does all the ground work and handles operations like no other(Keep the good work going, Champ!). He also happens to be our purchase head. And if you like to party hard this is the guy you should contact.

Jay Kothari

Jay is the backbone of Fashion Farm. Business develops through his efforts and his ideas. He is the strategist for our firm and we never overlook his thoughts. And never go on his innocent face & smile, he is the naughtiest of all who can shatter you with his sarcasm.

Himanshi Tyagi

Our creative designer who is very serious about her work and ethics and never fails to deliver. Well Ms Tyagi is someone with beauty and brain, who handles all our designing of clothing range as well as keep us on track with regular reality checks when we are careless. She can be deceptive sometimes.