The best thing about fashion and fashion photography is its ACCESSIBILITY. Everyone understands and incorporates fashion into their lives to a certain extent. It is a piece of "art" like abstract paintings and sculptures displayed in museum galleries because you don't have to know the history of art or be well-versed in contemporary social and/or philosophical theories to look at and understand fashion images.

All fashion lovers love to click their pictures in boudoir pose. These are intimate shots so you have to be confident in front of the lens. So some tips for all photography enthusiasts.

1. IF IT BENDS, BEND IT! IF IT CURVES, CURVE IT! - Straight lines usually work against the lens in a boudoir photograph.

2. RIGHT ANGLES AREN’T “RIGHT” - Right angles in poses are often aggressive, rigid and break up the flow of a pose. In general, avoid bending joints at right angles in your boudoir images.

3. RELAX, REPEAT - Sometimes with all the bending and curving you have your subject doing to achieve a flattering pose, they can get tense and uncomfortable.

4. USE HANDS TO CARESS - When posing hands in boudoir, you want them to look natural, soft and as if caressing the body. This is hard to do just by placing or posing the hands. To overcome the “too posed” or “too tense” look with hands, have the subject actually move and caress the hands around the body, and have them pause or stop when they reach a flattering hand position.

5. CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE - You don’t need a dozen different poses for a dozen drastically different boudoir photographs. Instead, if you have your subject strike a pose, consider varying your angle and lens choice to help create a wide range of images.