Do you want to improve your fashion sense?

Check out this post, Here you’ll discover 6 steps to make your fashion sense as your identity.

#1 Imagine your own personal style

Every individual is capable of imagining their personal style. If they are happy, confident then they can design themselves a good human being as well.

Don’t copy anyone because if you will try to do so you can't copy confidence, nature of that particular person.

These all are inbuilt and unique software in each and every human. For an example - you want to go for a get-together or reunion party with your friends and you are getting dressed up with full formal and lots of makeup.

Don’t try even. It's your reunion if you will go in lower that will be cool or casual. Stay away from show off. If you will start to do the things in your style then you may create your Fashion.

#2 Select occasionally

Dresses according to occasion can be an impression for people as well. Choose your clothes according to place, occasion, and purpose of that particular meeting or visit.

Occasions are most popular when people get excited about a get-together. We should always take care of our Fashion sense occasionally because if our clothing will not match with that specific occasion then this will be disrespectful for that moment and it will describe our immaturity in front of people.

#3 Experiment on yourself


You can try all new things with you first and if you will do it with confidence people will follow you.

Always try to be a person to whom people wants to follow. Everyone has ideas but not everyone applying in their real life.

Don’t wait that if someone will try then I will do. No, you should take initiative to make your style popular, no one will do this for you. So be experimental to make things great.

#4 Use accessories

This is an important part to look special. Sometimes accessories play a role of your best friends.

Accessories can be extremely powerful because they complete a look, often taking it from nice to fabulous.

Handbags, Jewellery, and Scarves are always helpful to make an extra strong statement about your personality.

The big one is, your smile might just be your most important accessory. And one that you can wear as often as you like.

So love your laughter lines no matter what is the situation. I think that laugh lines are the living proof of all of our wonderful experiences in life that defines actual YOU A real You.

#5 Pay attention to compliments

Compliments kind of dose I can say- yes for me it works.

When someone gives you compliments then it's enough to make your day wonderful yes everyone is keen to listen something good about them.

And we should always respect compliments or maintain the dignity of those ones. Yes, compliments are free of cost but they are very precious and we can't buy. People who like you and truly respect you they will only appreciate you.

#6 Become an observer

I must say become an observer is a great thing should be in your nature.

Because if you are not aware of your surroundings or not attentive about people and their opinion, then you will stop somewhere in your knowledge.

Because being an observer, it's like accepting good habits and allowing yourself to become a good learner and person as well.

When you will interact and observe the people then you may add many more good experiences of others in your life and can get more understanding about the upcoming phases of life.

So it’s time to Live your life to set statements for others and grow your knowledge about fashion with your own experiments.

Read this statement:

“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.” -Charles Bukowski

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