Before you hit the stores for your summer collection purchase, we suggest you look forward towards the ever changing fashion trends.

The year 2017 brings in new trends and style quotient to look forward this summer. To bring in more charm and better fashion sense and style quotient in your dressing, we spoke to several designers, style gurus, and fashion vistas to share some of the killer trends to watch out for this summer.

Here are the 10 Indian Fashion Trends to Watch Out in 2017 as suggested by them and well researched by us for you:

Seaside stripes

Seaside Stripes have made their way in, this summer. These Seaside Stripes, which are ripped straight from beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, are the perfect summer staples you ever wanted to own this summer.

Shades of yellow

This happy color is a perfect color for your summer. Either you are a dark toned, or fair in color, this evergreen color perfectly fits for all.

Oversized bags

Bags get bigger with the times. These bags can hold everything. The days are no far away, when these bigger sized bags find their way everywhere, at airports, at beaches and all other places.

Slit sleeves

This year, flared sleeves make way for slit sleeves. These are taking over all sorts of dresses like denim jackets, maxi dresses feminine tops and even button-downs.


For those girls, who love to look tall, but at the same time hate heels, have something to look for this summer! With Flatforms, those girls have a chance to rejoice this year. The most comfortable heel in the form of Flatforms, you have unlimited possibilities to wear this with any dress you like and give yourself a happy feeling.

Fashion from 1980 era

The 1980’s era is back with a bang. Trends like big hairdo, wild pants etc have found their way back in and are sure to have a big impact this year especially in summer.

White Shirt Dress

Go White! Go for the complete white this season. Wear all white with modest necklaces and roomy sleeves. Give your appearance an extra oomph factor with something different to showcase your great looking waistline.

Pretty Florals

Continuing the previous few year's trends, this year too, Pretty Florals find their way into the season’s latest trends. With abstract and realistic prints, this season pretty Florals will add more lure to the fashion.

Power Shoulder

Power Shoulder like ballooning around the forearm or Puffed shoulder sleeves, the Power shoulder will continue to offer you some really praising eyeballs.


Belts have always been the best accessory to flatter your waistline. This year too, give an extra edge to your outfit with the best looking belts complementing your looks.

We look forward from your side to establish a style quotient and gather immense praises from your loved ones; you must follow the trends as gathered here to give yourself an outstanding appearance this year. It’s the time to hit the stores for your purchase!

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